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Practice Areas

Medical Negligence


My education and experience in medicine make me uniquely qualified to pursue litigation on behalf of patients injured through the negligence of their healthcare providers.  I've done medical negligence for 29 years with great success and many seven figure cases.


Motor Vehicle/Premises
Personal Injury

​As a personal injury attorney, I have long represented clients injured through motor vehicle negligence or those injured on the premises of negligent businesses.

Civil Rights
My particular interest in Civil Rights cases arises from my committment to equal rights for all people.  I have successfully handled cases from police brutality to jail neglect cases.


Workers Compensation

I enjoy representing injured workers wrongfully denied benefits by their employer and my medical background has led to success in this area of the law.

Nursing Home Negligence


I've worked in nursing homes as a physician and successfully resolved nursing home negligence cases.  Again, my medical background leaves me uniquely qualified to identify and pursue nursing home neglect of your loved ones.


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